Note the use of the anchor text in the station optimization

I once read a blog, this blog content often found in a sentence on the habits and anchor text, and all point to the same page. I don’t know the blogger why to do so, but I think the blogger is not desirable. Thus I think of a question many optimization personnel will exist, that is when the anchor text is to use keywords as anchor text or a word do anchor text? The author thinks that the sentence made anchor text words have two advantages, first can improve the user friendly experience, such as the user can directly find the relevant information, the second is to increase the amount collected site. But use this method to improve a keywords ranking is not what big role. So if you are using the anchor text in order to improve a keyword ranking, I would advise you to control the length of the anchor text. read more

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In the pages of the Shanghai dragon Code a nail a riveting to watch

layout principle

Optimization of core

site navigation is various, is now the mainstream DIV unordered list style, but some sites use love pictures, Flash, Js to the layout of navigation, so not what advantage for Shanghai dragon, for many people, looking back to the pursuit of beauty, in fact DIV can write very beautiful navigation the basic, can replace the Flash with pictures. The search engine for the friendly to DIV is much higher than that of Flash, if each page using DIV, so the spider can crawl smoothly. read more

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Three typical comment does not meet the requirements of the website of Shanghai Dragon

is currently promoting main way is to use site search engine. Before many sites using the search engine for promotion website, but with the increasing competition, the cost of bidding is more and more high. So there are more and more hope to reduce the cost of the promotion of the website by Shanghai dragon.

3.IDC station

Third typical

but Shanghai dragon for the website requirement is very high, from the stability of the server to page quality and so on, will affect the site in the search engine ranking performance. But many websites in three websites is obviously not in conformity with the requirements of the typical Shanghai dragon website, here we take a look at these three sites. read more

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Marketing website keyword selection to enhance the effect of five kinds of behavior not be like

three, the

in general thinking, we think that the user’s thoughts should be consistent with us, but sometimes it will be far from. So in the website construction, how to select keywords is very important. The author >

network marketing is definitely not a website, raise the ranking of words so simple, flow conversion is the key to the success of website marketing made. As some marketing experts said, no practical significance can not produce benefits flow. A lot of factors flow conversion effect, such as web design there is no consideration of user experience, the website promotion methods and resources etc.. In the search engine application popular now, the author believes that the choice of the site keywords to a great extent the effect of network marketing. How to select the site keywords is indeed a science, but also closely related to the marketing effect, those who use the search engine promotion "on the Jingdong, to buy new egg" may seem counterintuitive even for almost absurd, but the reality is the lure for interests. To determine the site keywords basis and the method of many, and starting from the user, to avoid subjective detours, avoid thinking shortcut is the biggest. read more

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How to improve the case analysis of novice webmaster website crawling


You may think the treeThe

The construction of

website does not require emission rules, some new Adsense even in the website home page directly presents articles, make it look like the QQ space, in fact, have studied the log space webmaster all know.

This time

breadcrumb navigation is a navigation category we must use, not to simply reduce the website bounce rate, but to the website is divided into a certain level, the ladder is divided into a site structure clear, is conducive to the spider crawling. read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to prevent internal site search by others malicious use

love at the end of October Shanghai Webmaster Platform held in Shanghai under the line QA training session, the students on how to prevent this kind of junk launched search results page in-depth discussion. Ctrip Shanghai dragon director Lai Qiang believes that the undesirable the purpose of doing so is to let a lot of exposure of sensitive keywords in the search results, since the love of Shanghai included in the search results page is strictly limited, the website is done thoroughly, not allowed to appear in the TITLE and the keyword search, such malicious operator can not reach the goal of nature not to harass. read more

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Love Shanghai official once again bring stationmaster Fukuri Ko domain without verification

In figure

we can see whether your station number of sub domains, can be added, the premise is to verify the main website in case of batch add sub site, no need to re verify the quick view data sub station. In addition, in May 30th after the new verification or re verification of the website, the authentication information will not expire. Webmaster Platform master (add recommend Adsense links to websites you may use WWW and non www two web site, users can access the real suggest to add to the URL), add and verify, can prove that you are the owner of the domain name, can quick batch add sub site, view all sub station data, no longer to verify your site. read more

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How to build an efficient Shanghai Dragon Team Leader

first US technology. We all know that Shanghai is also open Dragon Technology secrets. Now open in Shanghai Longfeng technology is popular outside Shanghai Longfeng summary of experience, is the secret of the search engine algorithm formula. Now to the opening of Shanghai Longfeng experience have been copied and pasted. But the search engine algorithm formula, but no one knows, so now I go to see a little advanced point Shanghai dragon article, appear inside a formula I do not know the truck. But this is not important. Now everyone is their experience and feeling. So Shanghai dragon team management from the technology must be open to read more

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How to share the key buy meet to Shanghai first love

second, some articles to create keywords to your choice. Every day. I insist every day in some well-known forum released such as "let the webmaster webmaster meet purchase supermarket, looking for trouble, O resources". For example, Shanghai love Shanghai webmaster Post Bar Post Bar Longfeng and other related articles, let you Post Bar link of higher value. Another point is that you can love named after your site name user registration, and above Shanghai in YAHOO, and set up their own blog. This website for your keyword ranking will be very good, rise faster. read more

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The analysis of Shanghai Dragon from business to see the grand view small search rules

four: search and drop

can catch up from behind

in the competition before, all the site does not exist "electric business circle" of the title, and in the competition after the keyword with the title of the amendment is bound to be a "snapshot snapshot, included reducing stagnation," this phenomenon, but from the beginning of this event, find some sites even transition quickly. Just a few days will be out of the search engine observation period, is undoubtedly a lot of overwhelming advantage. In the love of Shanghai during the observation period after the start of the site is basically a month has been completely re recognized by search engine. Thus, we can see that, through their own efforts, the website can be reduced between the losses to a minimum, even do not drop right effect. Therefore, many owners think that the website will be down the right search engine is not correct. read more

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Shanghai dragon Moz keyword search ranking ranking the first贵族宝贝 domain name

According to Moz

from the above list shows the root domain,贵族宝贝 domain name ranked first, which means that these large number of search keywords in the贵族宝贝 domain,.Org domain name is ranked second, third is the.Net domain name, it is worth mentioning is the.Me domain name position on this list and unsatisfactory, the.Me domain name is still in perfect expansion in some websites are not fully included.

in addition, according to the Shanghai dragon Moz included rankings, Facebook key to search for the most times, it can be speculated that, in the field of social influence on Facebook is higher than twitter, the root domain ranking is only partial data acquisition data, procurement is in part, only for reference. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er love you this tyrant in Shanghai!

4, regardless of the network company or enterprise personnel optimization, T Er will choose Shanghai dragon ranking boss in the face of excessive instability, our company very good description of the problem.


in 2013, we are engaged in the "love of Shanghai – Shanghai Dragon Staff optimization" dismal year, love Shanghai for a variety of algorithms, all kinds of strict requirements, and even "rather baffling the K station," we have these optimization workers tired. Can not help but think of today’s love Shanghai and Qin Shihuang are alike, holding power, autocratic, completely regardless of us these optimization people live or die, we are to resist, or ~ read more

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Google began to suppress the garbage site in the search engine rankings

chief engineer Matt · Katz (Matt Cutts) said that although the garbage site in the search engine search results in the number has more than five years ago to reduce by half, but in recent months the number of garbage site search results rebounded. Katz wrote in a blog, "the use of user will interfere with normal search engine spam sites, will get higher search rankings by cheating way, this is a clear violation of the terms of the quality of the search engine (quality guidelines). We recently launched a redesigned document level classifier, will let the garbage web page content is difficult to obtain high search rankings." The new classifier can better detect the site using the software automatically publish comments information and other content, and will be excluded from the search index to improve the ranking. read more

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The choice of electricity supplier website optimization grey hat

(1) search engine vulnerabilities can be used, but to do the analysis of advantages and disadvantages, to worry

we have long heard of Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, and then we heard that now is more simple, buy links. As long as the quality control links (like the conventional PR, snapshot, weight, quantity, etc., are included) home page link to transfer high weight, direct and buy links is selected. This high quality links can ensure the keywords rankings. But the search engine could not let this vulnerability has existed, but the purchase link itself is a kind of special Links, does not cover other forms of the chain. Therefore, to maintain the diversity of the chain is that we have been trying to do things, do not let Shanghai Longfeng way too simple. read more

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Shanghai dragon 9 beginners need to know the concept of

in general, with the following two belong to the cross link.

first, since.

For example,

1, Wang Xiao Li and two stations m and N, Wang x into m single station Mike, and Mike’s n single strand into Wang X.

because I have edited a book about the Shanghai dragon books, and published it in some kind of library website, and in this book left his QQ number, so there have always been asked about various add QQ Shanghai Longfeng problem, which is the most some very basic concept. In general, these people are like me, is Shanghai dragon novice or beginners. For this personal website operation Shijiazhuang outfit, have been in the study of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge and skills, the spirit of mutual help and learning principles, I summed up some beginners should master the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon only for the novice, please Paizhuan master. read more

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Remove the chain dark mine comprehensive attack

many things are not so simple on the surface looked like, had set up the chain, it is likely that you will give yourself a "dark thunder" without consciousness, to finally all your efforts may be destroyed in this mine. Prudent to do the investigation when the site can let our dark mine, Shanghai dragon do more effective. What are the "thunder" for our attention, and we brief discussion of the following:

four, linked to the low credibility of the dark thunder website. This is one of the biggest dark mine, when you do the exchange links with others, some webmasters use deception. He suddenly gave you the link to add the nofollow attribute. This time your links still exist, but have lost the weights of the transfer function. Or is the site itself is the search engine was black, and you have links to these sites, search engines will think. read more

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Talk about how to use the BBS signature chain

in website optimization, the construction of the chain is always a key project that can not be ignored. However, even though we all know the importance of the chain is high, but most know only one second, because many of them know the chain is to enhance the key factors of ranking weight, but do not know how to get a positive effect into play, the more it is not see ranking improvement through the forum to do lot of chain. But now many webmaster said the chain has done very little is the role of the forum, do the white also do. In fact, I don’t think so, first of all to the forum outside the chain is also useful, we should not only stand at an angle to consider, others say not their role also follow other people do not flicker, in the end there is no use? I don’t know, just follow the trend of psychological. OK, for the use of personalized signature in the forum to do outside the chain, believe that 99% of the owners are used. Today the author to talk about some of their own views of the chain of the forum. read more

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Share the optimization scheme of water quality testing site

5.B2B and B2C

Normal updates every day

every day in Shanghai love to know the question and answer, SOS>

website to two directory sites, such as: DMOZ, 114, 35 categories etc..

4. website title and description can put our company name and telephone service on.

2. Links platform

Q & a platform

can release some information, the web link address with one to two every day, you can.


every day to the site for two Links exchange information, can increase the chain for the site to find the corresponding chain, until the role of website promotion. read more

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Takeshi analysis of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners essential weapon equipment

as Shanghai Longfeng practitioners must have their own contacts and resources. So I suggest that Shanghai dragon from now on, with 1 to 2 years to accumulate their own resources, don’t be afraid to fail, at least we once tried! This is an old webmaster to me, I will bring you.

personal blog, QQ group promotion tools must have, if you know a lot of forum moderator, this is also a good resource, QQ group is very important for the accumulation of some stable users, personal blogs to a direct role for the website publicity, the forum can be appropriate to publish some web links and websites the situation. Do the above construction and development on the website of the three also played the role of. read more

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