The website will affect the ranking

according to the above problems, the website will not affect the rankings, I think most people’s minds should be open, here, Hefei network company seven technology help remind you with his experience, "

in the website, the website is best not to change the file name, why? Because the site does not change the file name of the search engine can search the web to shorten the time, it will not produce any inconvenience to our customers.

?We work?

then, we in the revision, if it is because the previous site layout is not reasonable, hoping to re adjust it, so we have to keep the previous clients feel strangeness and does not adapt, we can add several plates on the website, such as website map, technical support, Links and so on. Here the site map is equivalent to a small navigation, allowing customers to quickly find their information, there is in its website do not replace the server, the purpose is to keep our website IP address remains unchanged, the benefits of doing so is to ensure the stability of our website ranking, because if we can change our server at the same time in the revision of the website, even if a small details are not ready, it is possible to In our previous work site optimization is fatal and will have a very big impact, I think this is any enterprise did not dare to take risks. read more

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The number of relevant documents. Treatment scheme of anchor text link

first explain the maintenance document keyword "frequency". We know that the dream is set to 30 by default, many of my friends have regarded it as the number of anchor text links. In fact, this frequency said only the heat of the keywords, as with dynamic keyword weight easy system. Just in this place, you are not good. So, I suggest it is best not to change.

function ReplaceKeyword ($kw, & $body)
; / /
) (*)

directory include arc.archivew.class.php
function ReplaceKeyword found ($kw, & $body) code, and then from here all the way to the following. Replace the code: read more

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Five points for Shanghai dragon service

5, how to optimize the process of tracking process

4, you can provide the optimization scheme of

service cannot seek Shanghai dragon to rank the result oriented, can put the site to wait for service providers ranked out, this will produce lots of use unscrupulous divisive tactics ranking. How should be negotiated in the optimization process of tracking process before cooperation, even if they do not understand technology, also want to know Shanghai dragon girls are doing what, how to do. Good. read more

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Analysis of love Shanghai is how to calculate the depth of weight value

snapshot here mainly refers to the page snapshot, snapshot many sites are the next day, we all know this. If the snapshot site is some day, so this site is a very high weight site. This is why a snapshot of some sites was the addition of an article, love Shanghai snapshot update to 24 hours. Some sites have been without a snapshot of the remained at 24 hours. There is a snapshot retain 24 hours. For example, the query one month before the snapshot site every day is 24 hours 0.1 points, three months before the snapshot site every day for 24 hours on the 0.3. So, personally think that the site snapshot can be totaled 0.5 points. read more

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On the basis of their own enterprises stand in love Shanghai love Shanghai optimization analysis of

first, compared with the optimization of the inside love Shanghai more love home. I want to say this is a lot of enterprise products, but on the network marketing of this investment is relatively small, this is the author’s personal experience of things, often expressed in many products are used to optimize a website, but the website optimization we all know, the key word is not set too much, this time. Many words will be assigned to the site optimization personnel helpless page or two page catalog are optimized according to their optimization, for love Shanghai website optimization is more than the directory page ranking advantage, and Google is different, as long as the directory page weight high enough still can compete with home, even more than the home page so in this ranking, the suggestions for the optimization of Shanghai love friends, keyword more cases, we can set up several websites respectively Website optimization keywords relative related different, makes the keywords with the home page title in the website optimization distribution as far as possible, so that our website weight and ranking in the beginning with strong competitiveness, good user experience and other details of the station, in Shanghai this optimization easier a lot. read more

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Love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon and Google Shanghai dragon who is more important

said, I believe we are easy to understand. For others, it is to make money. So when the search engine is more important? Is not important, as long as our website caught the crowd, to attract users, even if the search engine is not included in our website, our website is as strong like a superman.

to Shanghai dragon rushed to the search engine page, at all costs, regardless of whether the various means are used, the site is bound to occupy the home position. In the eyes of Shanghai dragon, if the site does not rise to the home, basically is the failure of Shanghai dragon, whether you agree or not, the search engine home page have been more attractive than we imagine. read more

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E-book experience mobile Internet era of embarrassment

e-book reader Born Under A Bad Sign

e-book reader, PC development of more distant and its user base is quite huge, it seems at least within a short time the mobile Internet still difficult to shake its status. The development of e-book reader is not a long time, can be said to have a firm foothold.

embarrassing fate But unlike

e-book reader function itself is relatively simple, we take it is nothing more than to see the book. At best a few buttons, background color, font size and so on. Even when the e-book reader has just emerged, users see it quite fresh. At least you don’t have to take the thick books, pay the expensive. read more

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Expose the keywords ranking long occupied Shanghai home the mystery of love

keyword ranking for the site, not on the entire website page, a web site but, home of which is undoubtedly the highest weight, and the weight of the chain in the relevant channel home page is very high, but the site’s home page and channel page weight relative to why the content page will be high? This is the site of the chain in the play, usually website page Jump will have three, one is the channel page, the other one is the home page, there is a parallel and their content pages, the chain, must reflect the distinct latitude, within the chain does not exist dead links by nofollow will also need to related content pages, robots and sitemap commands are focused to gain more weight, some pages, but also can get higher rankings! Of course, the chain optimization, must follow the spiders can crawl smoothly, more deep, more capable of mining web content more, the content of the page ranking will be more stable! read more

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Analysis of the three major reasons have influence on the website weight correlation

again, toward the outside of the chain, a lot of people love the chain in the forum, which I do not oppose, but my objection is a lot of love, do some outside the chain of non correlation, this is I want to mention the source of the correlation of the chain in the anchor text page. Nearby, text, and so on, but there are a lot of friends love to do text links direct, concise point that I was in order to improve the web site outside chain popularity, in fact, if you need to do text links, you would think, if people want to put a link to your text, will be at a point not related page? This se would think a few do a little opposition, but we must control the amount of a se, after all, not a fool, to analyze. read more

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Content is king, the chain for emperor two how to eat it

believes that most of Shanghai dragon ER in addition to its own industry, in other areas there are many interesting things, such as music, dancing, painting and calligraphy etc.. Remember to upload a song, I inadvertently added their own website in the lyrics, only to be included, but also reproduced many. Not just in the lyrics, and the site can be added in some video title. Because the chain form that is rarely present in Shanghai dragon Er are used, so it is easy to be approved.

goes on to say that the chain to promote innovation. The chain is like me grassroots webmaster will repeat every day things, because the evaluation of search engine on website quality is mainly outside the chain as a reference". There are many kinds of hair of the chain, such as a blog site, write text, comments, forum signature etc.. But these are the most basic form of the chain release, can be said to be in every webmaster do. How, in the intense competition of Shanghai dragon in the industry, we can take advantage of? So, "the chain innovation" on the edge. read more

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Electric cars Shanghai dragon combat

love cooking has always been a station engaged in business promotion, just have the opportunity to operate millions of data business website, hope that through this whole operation details [live electric cars], so that we can have a concept of large sites to experience Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon chicken essence from the case.

began to soft Wen Xuan Wen (containing the URL), all the chain is basically a large portal, reach quality chain effect.

automotive supplier in Shanghai Longfeng operation summary read more

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Discussion on the methods for promotion skills and love Shanghai enhance the website ranking

the fact that through our many customers communicate and understand the problem and the sharing of experience, methods and skills we find some better use of PPC products, and summed up here, we hope that through here and we can share our different clients successfully use the method, get some inspiration from it, and impact on your network marketing.

traffic increased by three important factorsKeywords

(1)Keywords comprehensive

customers in the submitted keywords are always ignored when your potential customers will use what kind of keywords to search for your products, therefore, need to transform and enrich the keyword planning point of view, from your perspective changes to your customer’s point of view, think when when users search for your products they will be accustomed to what kind of search keywords? If they have some special needs. read more

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Content is king of the times to the original article

, however, from the middle of the year that love Shanghai massive right down the site, and the role of the chain is weak, but also love Shanghai more and more emphasis on a word: user experience! Before that, few people care about the construction site within the article, most of them are original artifacts, and around the acquisition is not to say. Stuck in you copy me, I copied your vicious spiral, just a piece of article, not love Shanghai grabbed a thousand times, what about user experience? A weakening in the role of the chain now, Shanghai dragon Er are more and more discussed is the station building, the technical difficulty of the station building is higher than the station Yu, Dou person is divided into three parts: the layout, inside the chain, the article. Today more than Dou mainly want to share your own experience on the construction of some websites, you said please next, what do you think is wrong, welcome to put forward, together to explore the read more

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From 3721 to 360 in the comprehensive search what his love in Shanghai

on the 360 launch of search product is not what happens, you will not forget Zhou Hongyi before what is controversial, in 2001 3721 the search is his product, although the product has outage, but it was in the search industry, more or less have a certain influence, and from 3721 to search 360, the maturity is not just a name change, but a series of technical change.

360 security guards, 360 browser, 360>

about 3721 search failures, defects in addition to their own product features, characteristics of products from big reason Yilin feel rogue, you give it the single from "the biggest rogue software will be able to see one of the" title. But it can also from the time of the 3721 performance answers, some old Adsense now may be some memories, at the time of the 3721 search once the installation is successful, some pornography navigation bar will occur, in addition, 3721 search will automatically own the right menu set the default menu for the file system, compulsory implantation the search results to the system, advertising and so on, all 3721 worthy of their rogue title. At this point I think Zhou Hongyi has realized, so the 360 comprehensive search changes will have a basis. Comprehensive search now, although quietly entered the 360 site navigation, but the owners can choose according to their own preferences search products, such as Google, Youdao, instantly, even love Shanghai can choose, in addition, although the comprehensive search at Google and the integrated search of love Shanghai to everyone, but these search results are obviously optimized, without a trace of traces advertising, user experience and so on from 3721 to emerge in an endless stream, a comprehensive search for the huge change of the user experience, I think it is a worry about love Shanghai. read more

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From Taobao 0 revenue to do station day into 50 experienceSoft notice December key recommended adver

settlement cycle: monthly closing


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

billing mode: CPA

has some experience above, began to recognize their shortcomings, so I began to learn the basic knowledge of Wangzhuan, in this process, I have the honor to meet a website to change my Wangzhuan fate, at the time known as the most promising Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial most of the Forum Forum on Development you learn how to do what is called CPA CPC. The window for me this novice can be said and on a higher level, to put this Wangzhuan industry, choose some suitable Wangzhuan, this stage first thing I do is CPA, I remember when I was using a loophole in sh419. sh419 made about 300 ads every day, ha ha income every day in more than 100, first get the commission that excitement, don’t mention it, I am the first to buy their own clothes, and eat a meal Good is the celebration hey, but not too many good times don’t last long time, sh419’s vulnerability to the block, once again in trouble, began to look for their own projects, but this life is not how good, looking for a few days can not find ah. A deep sigh, or say bad luck to drink water also Seya, this time to know a play every color agent, to say the s.s.c it is harmful, over lost 800 Oh 3 days, listen to what they said yesterday the money, not so much to do it all the problem or even to eat, there is a saying how to say, and a blind cat The path winds along mountain ridges. village, met the dead mouse, unexpectedly in 5 days to earn more than 300, and saw the light, the rest of the plan is to pull people, busy awfully, money, oh happy ah but every color is not long on the occasion, after all, is playing the black color, after I think twice or give up every color, start third Wangzhuan counterattack, this. read more

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Continued selling micro-blog marketing SKYCC combination marketing software

whether it is before the video marketing, or the latest micro-blog marketing, these methods are just a marketing tool, and to achieve a product sales, more important is to do the product itself, "

marketing software is used to assist the enterprise network marketing, to the enterprise network marketing has become more simple, easy and efficient. Now more and more enterprises join network marketing companies, hope that through this kind of low cost, high return, quick way of marketing to improve performance, enhance product awareness, build brand effect etc.. Network marketing is undoubtedly a broad market prospect, so auxiliary enterprise network marketing marketing software will have a market demand. read more

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Heavy margin of Shanghai Longfeng new sites do optimization (two)


sixth, there is no picture link using the title or ALT property, the ALT property of the content is not too long, generally the contents of the ALT property should not exceed 10 characters is the best, the longer is not good. The Nofollow property is used reasonably, and some website content relevance is not strong or no correlation between page links have the use of the nofollow attribute. This is the mall or picture website is very important.

we are divided into the following eight steps: read more

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How to carry out the new Shanghai dragon optimization

do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends think new relative to the old station original content number, the chain is weak and included less, new optimization to many than the old station difficulties. In fact, because it is new, so we are "pure", we are starting from zero, as long as we adhere to the optimization of formal methods to optimize, not so new sites than the old station.

Select When

2. station to clear the site theme, style and keyword

choose keywords, must not be more than the main keywords. read more

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According to hung how to optimize the quality of Shanghai for love

account structure: part of speech classification, transfer of the same part of speech of low quality (1 star) words, and write new ideas.

recently in some medical QQ group inside often see some began to engage in medical industry friends asking how to optimize the bidding account in Shanghai love keywords quality, is also a problem for many novice will be met, when I just started to contact the Shanghai love bidding is also met a lot of problems similar. I remember myself a summary of "improving the quality of key words for more potential customers!" about love Shanghai bidding keywords the quality of the article. Through the experience accumulated and verified, they now have a deeper understanding of love for Shanghai, today I will again around the "love Shanghai bidding quality" on the optimization problem to do a more comprehensive personal summary. read more

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Love Shanghai cancel the news source, you need to know a few problems

asked: how to choose high-quality sites in the loose soft release of

news source?Answer: ?Answer:

news source is cancelled, is actually an upgrade and open love Shanghai technology, the timeliness of the card display page unchanged, the back-end data will become more open, not rigidly adhere to the source application. High quality original content, no longer need to apply for the news source, the system will judge from the content, quality, user experience and other dimensions, the quality content for display. Not at the VIP site, quality content, can be displayed to the timeliness; while the VIP hanging open, on the site of the original time quality, we will send to the VIP service, mainly to see whether the content of the quality. The original high quality content sites, the impact will not be too big. read more

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