Wu Jian Article login Baidu news resources accumulation is very important

in the network to promote the training of three "experience of small data, data collection and Analysis on executive power" in the article and I share my master Mou Changqing in the network promotion training second tasks — experience and experience analysis and finishing process of data collection, after the release of the article by many friends attention they also have to ask me, I sorted out the data, but I always let them go and try to gather experience and thinking in the process of life, they were very puzzled, but in his real execution before they understand the process than a data analysis table is more valuable, this is my last in the first three task master harvest most. read more

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Wuhan property market four establishments turnover record

in recent years, the property market has been in a downturn compared with the previous period. However, this Wuhan city with the rapid development of gold or silver four "in the property market turnover, refresh the historical record.

to the average rate of 8, the market heat is expected to continue in the first half

Wuhan property market gold three hit a record high, in the silver four continued hot, trading volume once again refresh the historical record.

According to the

national city price index statistics, in April this year, Wuhan residential sample price 9443 yuan / square meters, compared with last month rose 3.21%, rose 17.90%; chain point of view, Wuhan housing prices since last February, to maintain a continuous rise in 15 months, and in April rose to 3.21%, is the largest single month increase in recent two years. New housing turnover 31 thousand and 800 units, once again refresh the March hit a single set of single month turnover record, the average down, in Wuhan in April average daily real estate of 1061 sets of. read more

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Zan Hui Zac a bit of thinking about customer service

any company will stress the importance of providing good after-sales service to its customers, and it will be said with all sincerity that the customer is our God, and we provide the best customer service. At least that’s what it all seems to say.

but sometimes good customer service has a lot to do with the nature of the company’s profits. Provide after-sales service to customers, usually occupying manpower and time. When the salary is not high cost, increase the proportion of the total cost of the customer service staff is not so, but also the pursuit of direct communication with customers to provide customer service channels, such as telephone, online real-time chat etc.. read more

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Webmaster talk about how to make your website famous

for most independent blogs, more than 70% of blogs about web pages, designs, and the internet. Lu Songsong said in his blog to transition, his ideas are two aspects: 1, on the basis of the original, to be extended; on the grounds that he actually understand many aspects, also can attract more readers. 2, not to expand, continue to be specific design content now. Maintain specificity. Other users suggest that the line is fine. Lu Songsong basically agrees.

I have a different view of whether the content is specific or not the key to attracting readers. For blogs, I don’t even agree with the idea that content is king. For a person, how much internal capacity allows content to be king, content is king, and the right is a large content offering site. For example, news, film and television, download and professional industry classification, such as: Sina, thunder, and VIP information in china. Such sites rely solely on content for the king to pull traffic. And this flow is not from the search engine, is a direct landing. Personal blog want to rely on content to drive traffic, it is not too tired? You can only rely on keywords to get help from search engines. How much of the content can attract readers to see it over and over again? How much time does it take to keep up with the new content? read more

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Personal website industry is playing capital game

is currently the personal site industry market, jumbly. Excellent original site, often difficult to pay and gain in the network will get a positive proportion. In the excellent site, spend a few months to run, may not be 6 hours information, all garbage site to copy the past. Ranked traffic quickly snatched away by others. Depressed and helpless. After that, what is it? Personal website operators, you choose to do original, or choose to do garbage station?. What did you prepare?.

, the very beginning of the HAO123 personal station, ignited the passion of the founder of how many personal websites. Finally, the remaining site navigation station, the success of a few more. The forum began Firebird BBS system 163, let many webmaster to imitate, struggle. Only for traffic, Wangzhuan owners also left a few! FLASH, you have done, the tide is turning FLASH you still stand! Music station, QQ163520music was diverted to the people you meet on the blog! Boom it, finally left the Sina blog blog, NetEase…… read more

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Share some experience with HD TV website 5000IP

Hello, high-definition television network IP reached 5000, A5 has been diving for several days, write a few times before, "wrote an article about my contact with some A5 webmaster half feeling" of the article, I have some friends suspected insider, in A5, in fact, is not your imagination in that case, I want to tell you that I like you, are equal, I said, as long as your original articles usually on the home page, the editor will understand you! Well, special methods today to talk about my site read more

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15 years into the webmaster world, life has become so desolate

, I am a failure of the webmaster, I think the failure of the webmaster is not just me. But successful webmaster also not only a few! · ·

why am I so miserable, so miserable?. I am 15 years old, like the web production, but I have never been programming myself. Want to learn, did not find a good school to learn.. I have to learn by myself.. But by now, 18 years old. I still can’t write programs…. There is no school or work.

now, I have to earn some money by relying on the internet. But I can’t do anything. Let’s put it this way. I had just started to build the first station called Baoxing network second is hip-hop, Sichuan forum, third is the loss of community. But I failed again and again. Spending half a year on my pocket money…. read more

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In fact, we can make money webmaster

now, personal websites have sprung up, and anyone with a COM domain name can call it a webmaster. But the real money can be the number of Adsense, League deduction amount, Baidu closed station, hacker invasion, a series of problems bothering the webmaster. Every day we work overload, pay attention and harvest really is proportional to it; if you are a master that I Wangzhuan, this article you will now be closed; here I just want some fighting in the front line of work experience:

webmaster friends chat online read more

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Cooking Bookstore husband and wife entrepreneurial road inspired a lot

now has a lot of people in the business, and now there are a lot of people have joined the labor force, in the road of entrepreneurship is also has a lot of success through their own efforts of the people.

if you have a small store, what would you consider doing business? Catering? Small supermarket? Or open a bookstore? Perhaps you will say, no matter what you do not have the confidence to make money, because now there are too many people shop, want to stand out from the fierce competition in the market is really difficult. But you know what? A middle-aged woman actually create new styles in Guangzhou opened a "cooking books, every month can gain twenty thousand yuan! "Cuisine bookstore" is a restaurant or a bookstore? In what way did she manage to run a small shop so red? read more

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How can we attract customers

clothing store how to attract the attention of consumers is the first step in making money, especially in this competitive pressure on the clothing industry, attracting enough consumers to be based on the apparel industry. Clothing to join the consumer for the business is God, the entrepreneur’s profit comes from the purchasing power of consumers! The more consumers buy, the more money they will earn! How can we make consumers into your clothing store, pay for things?

read more

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If you drop the right, you can’t do it again

believes that to do optimization for you, maybe you’ve met, the website search engine drop right said, don’t tell me you don’t know the word, don’t tell me you don’t know what is right, if you really don’t know, okay! Today in town with his own for example a drop right.

, first of all, what is the website drop right, that is, your site has been placed by the search engine, you do not know the location, ha ha, in fact, the right to drop there are so few points. read more

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Detailed forum feed event in the UCHome does not show the investigation method

UCenter Home (Comsenz) Comsenz company released a SNS station system, the latest version is 1.5, by the end of March 2009, built using UCenter Home SNS (Social Network) web site has more than 12 ten thousand.

in UCenter Home, there is a display forum feed event function, to increase user stickiness, if not displayed, you can follow the following steps for investigation:

1.UCenter background check forum and UCenter Home communication success.

2.UCenter Home background => basic settings => UCenter application => label related display number; fill in non 0 numbers. read more

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Analysis of ten factors affecting link weight in SEO

How does

make quality links, that is, the weight problem of links?. In the search engine optimization work, the construction of the link has been the ancient spirit as one of the most important factors of SEO strategy, so the research on the link slightly, with some friends on the network text summarizes some experience, hope to share with you. The two part link building external links and internal links, so I will focus on these two aspects to carry on the simple analysis of the SEO link, let everyone know that the factors affecting the link weight, for the construction of the site better high quality links. read more

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Guevara how does the O2O revolution for online movie ticket booking go wrong

tiger sniffing note: This is a tiger sniffing take social operation way of written a report. We have previously done this report on epipolar routing. More close to start-up companies, and founder of the opportunity to talk, please click here to sign up.

Guevara life network (hereinafter referred to as "Guevara") just completed a new round of financing at the end of last month, accounting for more than 20 million U. S. dollars. I was also asked by the tiger to have a face-to-face conversation with Guevara’s founder and CEO Liu Yong. read more

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How to do new sites the point should be appropriate, features should be obvious

straight to the point, I made a new station recently. You know the website is the most difficult for you to choose a correct topic cut, that you want to do a website about what this area is the best, you know, it will not in the future do not go down, the best strength of the site in this area is not much, but Chinese website has no blank the field, since we do have a similar website, how to make the characteristics of this is to determine the direction of the website after another important thing. read more

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How to choose the right keywords in website optimization

in the formal implementation of the search engine marketing, you have to choose the right keywords, in order to make marketing activities get the best results. The acquisition steps of the keyword can start from the following aspects:

1 and discuss with team members. A person’s thoughts and wisdom is not enough, to understand the search marketing activities of the people together, let all participants to present their ideas, then keywords everyone together to remove the wrong choice and order from the most important keywords. read more

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Local wisdom I have struggled for five years, not for garbage master

a few years ago, "I fought for 18 years not to drink coffee together" and you have resonated with me, the real city the cruelty of life often make people living at the bottom or from, although many people with passion, dreams and stick with a belief from the depths of the soul, but time flies. The face of getting old, everything is still. When I read that article, I have been working as a garbage collector for three years. Today, after two years, I am still a garbage collector. What is rubbish stationmaster? It is to rely on certain technical means, plagiarize others content, even the means that hooligan gets website flow, rely on the stationmaster of a kind of stationmaster that the website flow makes money. In People’s Republic of China the great melting pot, the development of garbage may have for the Internet industry has made an indelible role as cannon fodder, but today, this kind of person has become the Internet or parasites in cancer, and I was one of them. read more

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Make full use of Baidu related search station

what do you remember when you see the data below? You’re right. Baidu’s search.


is a full use of relevant search his stand up to do, I am here to highlight my "full" is not the key, we usually do stand are center such as civil servants will be related to the search to find relevant keywords of civil servants, but my "full" is not the goal, as long as users to the "wrong", there are more than 1IP search I will send it up, I don’t know PHP, not programming, so I http://www.356a.cn so far is still LJ. read more

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Local websites should be good at finding opportunities for development from their surroundings

With the rapid development of

Internet, the development of information communication has entered an unprecedented era. Mass, fast, interactive, wide coverage, timeliness, multimedia, communication mode diversification is the main characteristics of Internet information dissemination. The network breaks through limitations of previous three media by, with the speed increasing, the increasing popularity of computer hardware, the Internet as the fourth new media, set their own advantages and with the integration of the three media, is bound to provide people with better information services. But with the development of the Internet, more and more information is emerging on the Internet, and it also brings a lot of problems. Such as Internet information although massive, but because of various reasons, there are too many repetitive information on the network. When users enter a keyword search, they may find different titles in different websites, but the content is exactly the same information. Internet users find it hard to find the information they need from the internet. Moreover, Internet users urgently need internet information to speed up localization. Although the Internet is full of information, it is very rare for Internet users to seek information about their own lives, from their local towns or villages. The localization of Internet information can not only solve the complicated and repeated phenomena of online information, but also be more closely related to the needs of local netizens and provide localized information services for local people. Tap greater information market demand. read more

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25 tools for improving site availability and conversion are recommended

The core of

website construction is "how to find the transformation of potential customers and effective for customers", mentioned here is to find the effective conversion of customers will not use our products or services, has become the transformation of our customers is the effective transfer, then in such fierce competition in network era and how are we going to tap the potential customers and improve our website conversion rate? The key is to improve the usability of the website. read more

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