Luzhou shrimp are Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce investment profit rich quick

spicy shrimp, in our lives, has been very common food. In our lives, spicy shrimp, has been a very special food. In fact, the choice of venture investment spicy shrimp industry, is the choice of the development of space. How are Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce Luzhou shrimp? Delicious, the best choice for entrepreneurship!


Luzhou shrimp are Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce?

Luzhou shrimps Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce, how can as authentic Hefei man who do not know the popular Anhui restaurant brands? Both shop where are bursting with popularity, business is booming, attracting countless entrepreneurs to join the Luzhou shrimp they fall over each other in the team, quickly realize the dream of getting rich. read more

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Black cattle ShabuShabu joined boom off the market

in modern times, many people prefer to eat more Hot pot in the winter, as a popular delicacy, black cattle ShabuShabu won many hearts of consumers, black cattle ShabuShabu headquarter of continuous innovation, adhere to the quality, for people to bring the pure experience Hot pot.

as everyone knows, black cattle ShabuShabu headquarter has been carey selected fresh material, black cattle Shabu brand stores decoration into the elements of fashion, fashion trends, construct the atmosphere and texture of fashion, using the attributes of light and light materials, the French interpretation of tall space and spacious tracts of a generous luxury beauty, make a meal is not only to enjoy the delicacy, but visual and gustatory double feeling. read more

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Convenience store ten brands list – the whole

although the variety of goods is not rich in large supermarkets, but expensive, in the current such a fast-paced society, the convenience store is naturally recognized by countless people. So, which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce the convenience store ten brands list, so as to give consumers the choice to make a better reference.

convenience stores ten brands list, NO.1 7-ELEVEn: in 1927, one of the world largest convenience store chain, one of the world’s most influential brand in the world, convenience store giant, seven – Eleven (Chinese) investment company limited. read more

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Jiangsu City Alipay bill payment of 100 thousand yuan per capita in whole


as a convenient transaction and payment platform, we highly welcome in life, the perfect service can let us spend exactly a year! 4, the ant’s payment service Alipay released the 2016 Chinese referendum bill. Last year, 450 million new users use alipay. Jiangsu to pay the total amount of third in the country, the national average per capita payment of fifth, the per capita shopping amount of the country’s total of fourth. Since January 5th, the user can view open Alipay personal annual statement. read more

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The black tea market is very broad – the whole to join

in today’s era, the drink is modern people’s favorite, especially the special drink now is more popular in many popular drinks, black tea taste outstanding, black tea stores more popular business, received a lot of attention to the business.

black dragon tea as an innovative beverage project, has a very deep understanding of consumer drinks demand, each product development can be very good to meet the market demand, the rapid development of the brand since listing, to allow more consumers to enjoy the exclusive delicious Oolong tea. read more

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The main reason is what money to open the hotel – Business

choose to open a restaurant, so the current market is very popular in the hotel business, many investors are nothing beyond the pursuit of success, is profitable. However, the people who really do this industry should understand. Now a lot of entrepreneurs to open the hotel is to end up losing money. So, why would lose money to open a restaurant? Whether there are major reasons, the following let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze.

first word: change

1, dishes change

what is the most important thing to open a restaurant, it is certainly dishes, dishes, if not good, go to the shop will definitely lose. You think, if you go to a restaurant for dinner, eat a mouthful, "wow" spit out, you would like to go to the store to eat? read more

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Construction of ecological civilization inquiry action ecological civilization construction of Qingh

"Qinghai has initially formed the Qinghai model of ecological civilization construction". Recently, in order to promote the good ecological demonstration area construction work, by the national development and Reform Commission, National People’s Congress Standing Committee, the Chinese Academy of Sciences expert policy and Management Institute Group line, to carry out interrogation actions of ecological civilization construction in our province, the Group believes that the province introduced the reform of the field of ecology "design" and "the total construction drawings of the first in the country". The system of the main functional areas, natural resources assets property rights system, ecological compensation system and other systems in full swing, the construction of national ecological civilization system has a very good reference. read more

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Five years later, the province’s modern public cultural facilities full coverage of urban and rural

Reporters yesterday from the Qinghai Provincial Department of culture, press and publication was informed that the province will accelerate the construction of public cultural service system, by 2020, the basic completion of the modern public cultural service system covering urban and rural areas.

up to now, the Provincial Cultural Office of press and publication has implemented a series of cultural infrastructure construction and cultural Huimin engineering, such as the implementation of cultural villages and households in 2688 administrative villages in the province, built 4169 agricultural (animal husbandry) house, investment 45 million 390 thousand yuan for the 380 communities in the province is equipped with equipment and recreational activities, the province’s 49 libraries, 55 cultural centers, 358 township cultural stations are open free of charge, and create a "summer culture" and "Hehuang culture" and "culture of Qinghai Lake" "Kunlun culture" and a number of cultural activities.   read more

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Crown power battery best companion

crown dynamics? In our life, has always been a very powerful brand to join the project selection. High quality entrepreneurial projects, in the top of the power to join the project. How about joining the crown? Battery mate!

what is the crown power crown power is a battery repair industry, we know that people’s lives can not do without electricity. Then the battery as a hot item is essential, crown power is a very popular venture. The company has a one – to – one professional training and guidance to the franchisee, so that your business can be a quick profit in a short time. read more

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In rural areas to open jewelry store to make money

the improvement of living standards, let one of the jewelry industry city entrepreneurial hot projects now, whether in the city or the countryside, now jewelry industry has great development potential business, venture capital jewelry joined the people is very much. Jewelry to join the industry market is bigger and bigger, so investors in the operation of the whole shop, how to set up shop in the market competition in the survival and development of space? This requires a certain understanding of the operating methods.

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Broaden service function and build new brand of family planning service

In order to speed up the transformation and expansion work function, realize the sustainable development of population and family planning services, establish a healthy and happy family, around the "Kangfu home action" eugenic fortune target, in October 2010, the city based on the actual, relying on family planning guidance center of Xining City, built in Xining city population and family care — Hello Beibei qinzaiyueyuan center the Commission of 0 – 3 year old eugenics, infant scientific upbringing, early intellectual development and the cultivation of comprehensive ability, to carry out the early education of infants, improve the quality of the populationIn order to speed up the transformation and development of read more

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15 airlines to join the Qinghai Market

January 14th, China Airlines for the first time opened in Xining to Guiyang (via Chongqing) flights to become the fifteenth Airlines stationed in the aviation market in Qinghai. After the opening of China Airlines, passengers to Guiyang can not only buy a minimum of 390 yuan special offer tickets, the entire voyage is only need to be 3 hours.It is reported that the

, to fly from Xining to Guiyang (via Chongqing) G52674 flight schedule for a daily round-trip flights, 14:10 take-off from Guiyang, arrived in Chongqing at 14:55, 16 off Chongqing, arrive in Xining at 17:40; 20:20 off Xining, 22 05 arrived in Chongqing at 22:50 to take off in Chongqing, arrived in Guiyang at 23:35. Early sailing, Xining to Guiyang air tickets for a minimum of 390 yuan, Xining to minimum of $320. read more

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Datong County, reducing pollution and reducing emissions to make Beichuan more blue days

this year, Datong County in the chase for the ecological construction, the ecological environment of the Beichuan river basin to remediation, pollution emission reduction achievements, waste gas and dust pollution control, environmental quality improved significantly.

Datong County, the existing 42 enterprises, of which the state control, provincial control enterprises in 17. At the beginning of this year, the county according to the distribution of enterprises and major pollutants emissions monitoring results, combined with the 2012 data for the ring system, Datong County is located in the county of Qinghai Yihua limited liability company, Qinghai Huadian Datong Power Generation Co. Ltd., Qinghai bridge aluminum Limited by Share Ltd, Qinghai cement Limited by Share Ltd and other four key industrial enterprises, formulate the decomposition plan program control of pollutant emissions, and issued a notice requiring rectification. In March 8, 2013, Qinghai Yihua limited liability company invested 29 million 530 thousand yuan, started construction of a sewage treatment station, at present, has completed 90% of the total project amount. 1# sewage collection pool line started in June 30th to collect military wastewater, the whole project has been put into operation, after the implementation of the project, to reduce annual emissions of industrial waste to the Beichuan River 730 thousand tons, reduction of major pollutants of chemical oxygen demand of 729 tons, 21.6 tons of ammonia; in April 3, 2013, Qinghai Huadian Datong Power Generation Co. Ltd. invested 139 million 60 thousand yuan, started construction a generator of flue gas denitration project, the project in September 30th for approval, the project put into use, is expected to reduce annual emissions of nitrogen oxides to the atmosphere of 2796 tons; Qinghai bridge head aluminum Limited by Share Ltd invested 3 million 510 thousand yuan, started construction of a flue gas turbine low nitrogen combustion technology transformation project, the project to at the end of June has been put into operation, is expected to reduce annual emissions of nitrogen oxides to the atmosphere of 931 tons in February 4, 2013; Qinghai cement, Limited by Share Ltd invested 4 million 900 thousand yuan in a rotary kiln dust collection facilities to carry out technological transformation, the project was completed in April 4th and put into operation, the treatment effect is good, put into use is expected to reduce annual emissions of 340 tons of dust into the atmosphere. read more

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8 little stories to inspire entrepreneurs thinking

on the road of entrepreneurship, why some people are easy to succeed, some people easily fail? A very important reason is that there is no entrepreneurial thinking, entrepreneurial thinking is easy to succeed, no entrepreneurial thinking is easy to fail. Look at the following 8 small stories, I believe will bring some entrepreneurial inspiration entrepreneurs.

1, someone asked the farmer, "have you planted the wheat?" Farmer: "no, I’m afraid it won’t rain." The man asked, "did you plant cotton?" Farmer: "no, I’m afraid the worm ate the cotton." The man asked again, "what did you plant?" Farmer: "nothing, I want to make sure it’s safe." read more

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7 days to film into the audience life

July 21st to 30, Xining China eighth FIRST young films in 6 cinemas, 2 outdoor venues, 7 unit 80 turns all kinds of movie screenings, now more than half, in the process of film screenings in 90 movies for many viewers to watch, warm response. In the process of watching the film, the public not only feel the sincerity of the filmmakers, but also for each movie audience memorable.

for young filmmakers works, many viewers have expressed their views, after reading "my dad’s truck", "portrait", "storm" and other films, the audience Mr. Xu told the reporter that many works of young directors is more from life in these works is more young people’s world outlook and values, the attention of young people in this world will be more sensitive, more directly, so the film more worth pondering. After watching the "colorful sky" in this movie, many viewers have said, as the local film director, take out is not just a movie, it is a close to the sincerity of the heart of the world. Is attending Qinghai University classmate Li told reporters that so many films together show, although only a short period of 7 days, but the process is the process of viewing the movie slowly into life.  
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2015 Qinghai people are the happiest things around

In Qinghai, there is a kind of envy people called Qinghai blue color"! In Qinghai, Xining, the region around the high speed without a penny!


in Qinghai under the blue we are proud

[link] event to create a blue sky and green environment, picturesque scenery, fresh air to breathe, to see the blue sky, enjoy the harmony of nature, this is the largest livelihood projects, the provincial government for millions of people of Qinghai. To this end, Qinghai at all costs to pollution war. 2015, we saw the Xining harvest 283 days of good air quality, this figure compared with the same period last year, the number of days increased by an excellent number of days, the level of pollutant concentrations also decreased significantly compared with the same period last year. Through the digital, through the Qinghai blue, we have seen the ecological protection as a province of Qinghai, is trying to move toward a new era of ecological civilization.

urban surrounding high-speed free running

[link] event at 0:00 on December 24, 2015, the South Ring Expressway opened to traffic. Xining south highway is the province’s first six lane two-way traffic and Lanxi high-speed, Huang existing inverted level highways, high-speed, high-speed, West Ning Ning cross a road and Xining West High transit;

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North District, the establishment of the college entrance examination team convoy escort for love

entrance on the eve of this year, the north area of city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau organized, carefully organized and carried out in the area of the city environment focus on remediation activities, effectively purify the school and the surrounding residential areas in the city and the city in order to create a quiet and orderly environment to study and test for the majority of candidates. In June 7th, the college entrance examination once a year officially opened the curtain, affects countless hearts of parents, in order to allow candidates to successfully reach the examination room, replacing some of them during the college entrance examination, menace from the rear, the Urban Management Bureau to start a love to send test activities, co-ordinate arrangements in the management of law enforcement tasks under the condition of 6 law enforcement vehicles were deployed. The condition of good performance, the formation of the "college entrance examination love team, once again, for the majority of candidates escort.
for the candidates, the college entrance examination is regarded as a turning point to decide the destiny of the college entrance examination during the trip there will be some unexpected difficulties, the Urban Management Bureau law enforcement vehicles for the majority of candidates for the service encounter difficulties in the candidates to solve problems. This unified with the college entrance examination love car marks the 6 law enforcement vehicles, driven by experienced drivers, during the college entrance examination, around the clock in the city between the various test sites. Those who participate in the college entrance examination candidates, as long as the production of my admission ticket, regardless of whether or not accompanied by parents, can be free ride, urban management law enforcement vehicles in a timely manner to send candidates to the designated location. In addition, according to a few candidates since the exam will appear nervous and forgot the ticket or lost, more thoughtful service candidates, the entrance loving car driver in the car for the first time candidates suggested: "please take the exam and the exam" for you, reduce the unnecessary trouble.
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Create a better city Xining garbage classification can get money back

"Garbage points, life is very beautiful……" Read in the hands of the proposal, who lives in the village of Xinning Road, No. 4, Guo uncle emotion. In December 12th, after a long time brewing, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, Urban Management Bureau West Urban Management Department official in the West District of Xinning Road No. 4 district started collecting garbage classification pilot work, marking the city has taken new steps in garbage collection work.

how to classify garbage

"garbage classification of course, already know the benefits of garbage, but just do not know how to, where." Who lives in the village of 4 District of the city of the great uncle Yang Road, a lot of people’s expectations of garbage classification. Accordingly, the person in charge of West District Urban Management Bureau, to carry out the classification of garbage disposal is divided into four parts: classification, classification, collection, classification and classification of transport. At present, Xinning Road District No. 4 set 2 classified collection Pavilion, including kitchen waste (the residents of the home leftovers, residual food, food processing wastes and waste edible oils), Recyclable waste (paper, plastic, metal, glass, textile etc.), he used the garbage (toilet paper, napkin, dust, cigarette butts, disposable tableware and hazardous waste) (expired drugs, waste batteries and waste lamp, waste disinfection, hand sanitizer, paint etc.) the classification of trash. At the same time, in order to cope with the residential area of garbage collection and classification pilot work, the Urban Management Bureau of the early training of Wuguan personnel, such as persuasion. In the meantime, they will be in the district residents detailed publicity, to explain the garbage classification, collection methods, when the residents found that the classification error, to help residents correctly classified.The classification of

sunning Road No. 4 in the District, the reporter saw in the district has installed a use of intelligent networking technology recycling bins, recycling bins near the panels indicate the size of electronic waste recycling prices. Area residents only need to use your mobile phone number or the source of Sanjiang environmental protection card, in solid waste before obtaining credit card into the two-dimensional code, will be posted on the solid waste and is put into the recycle bin, management after verification will put money into the hands of residents. Pilot units and residents need to be divided into recyclable waste, kitchen waste, hazardous waste, other garbage. In addition to the size of electronic waste, for other kinds of garbage, residents in accordance with the method of garbage classification delivery, Recyclable garbage will then be passed to cast carry out in integral, how things change. read more

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Central two hundred days when the assault

since the municipal government started a comprehensive comprehensive renovation of city environment hundred days of action and blocking Paul Chang hundred days crucial action after the war, the city district government and blocking Paul Chang spend great efforts, efforts in environmental remediation, positive action, full participation of cadres and masses of all ethnic groups, the urban road smooth smooth, clean sanitation beautiful beautiful, green area, volume, enhance the quality of infrastructure facilities, significant changes in urban and rural areas, and improve the living environment, the "central vitality" attraction, influence and reputation are also rising, for the city to build the people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, contribute to create a national civilized city. read more

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