Social security subsidies standards have been difficult to hire staff

to ensure that the personnel employment difficult to fully enjoy the national employment policies, to better mobilize the enthusiasm of flexible employment in social insurance relationship, the city continues to increase the employment difficulties of social insurance subsidies, the employment difficulties, a sense of security, medical services, stable employment, increase income, relieve the menace from the rear.
"4045" flexible employment personnel, the disabled, zero employment of family members, family members, single laid-off part of the Vietnam War veterans as individuals to pay social insurance fees, can enjoy social insurance subsidies, subsidy standard for flexible employment actually paid basic pension insurance, basic medical insurance 70% na. Employment difficulties
the initiatives to solve the employment difficulties of social insurance payment problem, ensure social harmony and stability.
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The two responsibility firmly on his shoulders

the main responsibility for the implementation of clean government and oversight responsibilities are the basic responsibilities of Party committees at all levels, the Commission for Discipline inspection. In recent years, the province Party organizations at all levels and the "two responsibilities" in mind, in their hands, on his shoulders, through interviews, investigation, inspection and supervision, serious accountability and other measures, layers of conductive pressure, decomposition of responsibility to the people, do selves, to defend their duties, show a comprehensive from the strict control of the party party’s excellent report. read more

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Professor and scholar lawyers formed by the Xining trade union cadres group

in June 3rd, by Professor, scholar, lawyer and other professionals composed of the Xining trade union cadres lecturers, marking the Xining trade union cadres training to a new level.

according to the chairman of the Xining Municipal Committee, Municipal Federation of trade unions Wang Haihong introduced, with the development of social economy, industry, department and other fields of economic relations, labor relations have undergone great changes, the trade union organizations as the representative of the interests of the staff and the maintenance, the responsibility is more and more heavy, the rights is becoming more and more arduous. At present, there is a certain gap between the concept of trade union cadres in Xining, the level of business, knowledge structure and the requirements of superiors, the broad masses of workers and the masses. In order to meet the requirements of the new situation, it is very urgent and necessary to train a group of trade union cadres with excellent political ability and professional ability. This training, to the non-public enterprise trade union cadres and grassroots trade union cadres training, through training will improve their theoretical and policy level and professional knowledge, help them improve the ability of organization, propaganda, education and service workers, as well as the ability to coordinate labor relations, rights and coping, scientific disposal of mass incidents. read more

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Zhang Ximing stressed that research in Yushu and promote the education of poverty alleviation tough

recently, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister, provincial education work group leader Zhang Ximing to Yushu research, stressed the need to seriously study and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi series of important speech, according to the actual situation, focus, focus and difficult, with the idea of reform layers implement them out of poverty through the development of education, to win the battle of poverty to provide a strong guarantee.

last June and in December, Zhang Ximing in Yushu research found that there are only two ordinary high school, and are concentrated in the town, far from meeting the needs of the state junior high school or high school. To this end, he asked the Provincial Department of education in-depth research on the adjustment of the layout of education in Yushu. This time to Yushu, Zhang Ximing and state responsible comrades, some of the Secretary of education, principals and teachers on behalf of the forum, listen to the Provincial Department of education, Yushu education report. When the understanding of Chengduo County high school has been restored, the new state of Yushu, "13th Five-Year" even during high school, he pointed out, "Pujiu" has achieved solid results, next to break the bottleneck of high school education restricts the development of education in Yushu. read more

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The 2016 National Geological Park in Guide International Cycling downhill race will be held

sponsored by the lake organizing committee, Guide County People’s Government hosted the world popular · 2016 National Geological Park in Guide international mountain bike "will be held on August 27th -28 in Guide county held a national geological park.

of Guide landform in Danxia National Geological Park, on both sides of the mountain Jiazhi, touch the sky, creating a natural downhill race track. It is understood that the "world popular · 2016 National Geological Park in Guide international mountain bike race around the lake is one of a series of activities to Lake tournament as an opportunity to take advantage of the unique geographical advantage and international mountain bike sport the perfect combination, give full play to regional advantages, continue to build a" province "Chinese cycling, efforts to improve Qinghai Province Cycling industrial system, accelerate the integration of the construction of sport and culture, tourism, the development of the city. Through the event to attract the attention of mountain bike enthusiasts from around the world, the impact of the event will be the Guide National Geological Park to become a well-known mountain bike sports resort. read more

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Spring Festival train tickets on sale today

today, the Railway Spring Festival railway tickets on sale, the majority of passengers can not only booking the Spring Festival train tickets by telephone and network booking system, but also can be directly to the railway sector and the site of the ticket purchase. The Spring Festival this year from January 26th to March 6th, with the Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway will run through the map of China Railway to make a comprehensive adjustment, at the same time, much attention of the passenger train tickets on sale rules has also been fine-tuning, in addition to the telephone network booking pre-sale period is extended to 20 days, the first generation ID cards is not as the ticket voucher. read more

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Xining affordable housing construction projects focus on the east of the city to pay the resettlemen

recently, the city of Xining City, east of the main area of low-cost housing resettlement housing project. After more than a year of construction, the resettlement of more than 3000 households relocated to the community has begun to take shape.

pay in low rent housing resettlement area a total investment of 800 million yuan, the total construction area of about 380 thousand square meters, is a dangerous rock Beishan comprehensive administration of three period, four period of relocation of residents, but also in Xining city affordable housing construction project. It is reported that the construction of a total of 13 projects to the top of the 34 story high-rise residential commercial housing, the total number of households, including low-cost housing, public rental housing, a total of 60 units, the total population of 10206 people, including a total of more than 3186 people, with a total population of about 28. In order to facilitate the lives of residents, community facilities, health care, education, community services, cultural and sports, municipal utilities, commercial services, financial posts and telecommunications and other readily available, parking spaces 1479. Pay in the low rent housing resettlement area after the completion of Beishan rock not only meet the comprehensive administration of three phase, the four phase of the project more than 3000 households relocated masses resettlement needs, and through the construction of resettlement project, a simultaneous built part of low rent housing, ease the contradiction between supply and demand, the difficulties of the masses and the low rent housing Shiwupeizu to a certain extent, at the same time so, pay in full development and utilization of land, it is of great significance to promote the eastern economic growth, improve the quality of the city, improve the image of "east exit". (author: Su Jianping Jia Quanjun)
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Through eight always tree image as an example

In February 25th, the Municipal Office held the party’s mass line educational practice mobilization meeting, the implementation of the city to mobilize the spirit of Party members and cadres to mobilize devotion to educational practice, to ensure that the campaign is effective.

the meeting stressed that to implement the central and provincial Party committee requirements throughout; take leadership, full participation throughout the office as the central organization committee work, to higher standards, more practical style, the activities of the organization, carry out educational practice, to change the style of the requirements of good; to open the door to engage in activities, revealing problems throughout the office, all the party members and cadres to leadership in the city’s municipal services, services, and actively participate in the construction of city life of the city, happiness, conscientiously fulfill the "three service" duty to make a positive contribution to the work; Li said Li line, Su Ji rectification throughout. Earnestly implement the rectification, pay close attention to the special rectification, earnestly rectification Su Ji; to highlight the practice, highlight the characteristics of throughout, careful planning to carry out "improvement of work style, fine service And establish the image of "optional activities, create a good eight activities to achieve" zixuandongzuo "characteristics; to give overall consideration, improve satisfaction throughout, in combination with the actual situation, the educational practice and solve the" four winds "organic combination, achieve the" two no mistake "," two promotion ", and constantly improve the satisfaction of the masses activities; to strengthen leadership, clear responsibility throughout, establish and implement the leadership responsibility, Department leadership team members carefully according to the task of the division of responsibilities, organize and carry out the work of educational practice, full participation in the scheme and solicit opinions and suggestions and corrective measures to carry out the work; to obey the supervision, to form a joint force throughout. read more

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Xining financial revenue and expenditure to achieve a good start

Spring Festival approaching, the city’s fiscal balance also ushered in the opener of the good news, as of now, the city’s general budget revenue 408 million 600 thousand yuan, an increase of 100 million 540 thousand yuan, an increase of 32.6%; the city’s general budget expenditure 559 million 120 thousand yuan, an increase of 83 million 660 thousand yuan, up 17.6%.

in 2011, the city’s finance and taxation departments at all levels to strengthen tax collection and management, actively organize revenue, reasonable arrangements for expenditure, fiscal revenue has maintained a high growth momentum, the month income for the whole year revenue organization good start, a good start, a good start. In the city’s financial expenditure, I focus on the arrangements for urban and rural workers living expenses, the difficulties of the masses living subsidy funds, to ensure the full and timely payment of subsidies, reflects the party and the government to care the difficulties of the masses. read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce held a working meeting of the annual inspection

in order to ensure the smooth progress of enterprise inspection, orderly development, in February 27th the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry held a 2011 Annual Inspection meeting. The meeting informed the city’s annual inspection of the 2010 enterprises in the existing problems, and on the annual inspection of enterprises in the year 2011 was arranged.
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Xining City Public Security Bureau held a combat vehicle theft crime tuizang Conference

March 4th morning, Xining City East Branch of the public security bureau held a combat vehicle theft crime when Congress, 11 owners got stolen vehicles.

(live recording)

(remember): you’re here to claim stolen cars, right?

(male owner): Yes, call me, ah, solve the case, the car found, I am very happy.

(female owner): I lost this car in November 20th, the police call me excited, very grateful!


since January this year, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, according to the East Branch of the deployment of a series of special operations. The police with visits, in-depth area investigation and understanding, mobilize the masses for prevention and treatment. By the end of February, City Public Security Bureau has cracked 75 criminal cases, destroyed the gang of 11. read more

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Qinghai to explore the horizontal compensation mechanism of ecological protection in the upper and l

18 reporters from Qinghai Province, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction office was informed that Qinghai will improve the assessment of ecosystem service value based accounting, ecological protection and development opportunity cost accounting mechanism, in the next few years to speed up the establishment of Sanjiang basin exploration source downstream ecological compensation mechanism of lateral protection.
the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is located in the hinterland of Sanjiang source region is an important supply of freshwater resources in China, the territory of rivers, lakes, glaciers are widely distributed, the average annual for the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Lancang river water transport nearly 60 billion cubic meters of water quality standards, stability reach the second class above. Li Xiaonan, director of Qinghai province
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Sanjiang source National Park passion depicts the United States and Qinghai ecological picture

"ecology" and "environmental protection" and "green"; "Qinghai blue", "plateau green" and "clear river", has been the key to the pursuit of plateau. The awareness of ecological protection air plant ecological civilization system is more and more perfect, and the concept of environmental protection is increasing…… Today, the source of Sanjiang National Park Authority was established, China’s first national park.

from the Animaqingxueshan Xinghai prairie, until the source of the Yellow River tau monument, to the Yangtze River Long Bao, Lancang River Nangqian, make the river natural forest, a boundless green extends to countless rivers to the front of the torrent, countless people witnessed the Yellow River the source of the reproduction of "1000 Lake County" beauty, "black necked hometown" significantly increased the protection of forest birds, banma effective…… The source of Sanjiang presents the green to people about the miracle. read more

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The province’s top general practitioners and community nursing staff skills contest

11 8, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission and the Provincial Federation of trade unions held in the province’s basic health job skills competition activities in Xining, from 7 prefectures of 39 outstanding grassroots general practitioners and community nursing personnel to participate in the competition.

The contest also

Provincial Federation of trade unions and other departments to carry out an important part of the twelfth workers skills contest in basic health and job occupation skill competition in the province, with "athletic training, exhibition style" as the theme, to encourage grass-roots medical professionals to study business, master the common disease and diagnosis the basic theory of chronic diseases, the basic knowledge and basic skills, to further improve the basic medical care and public health services, up grading clinics, first diagnosed grassroots integrated service capabilities. read more

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Qinghai delegation proposed to accelerate the construction of Xining to Chengdu Railway

to attend the twelve session of the National People’s Congress of the two meeting of the Qinghai delegation suggested to accelerate the construction of Xining to Chengdu railway.

suggested that the Xining to Chengdu railway is a national long-term railway network plan, the research project is to connect Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai three provinces in the western region of the important railway corridor. The line from Qinghai province Xining east station leads through Longhua County, Haidong City, Jianzha County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tongren County, in Gansu Province, through the cooperation of Luqu County Xiahe County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, city, in Sichuan Province, the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture Ruoergai County, the Chenglan Railway Yellow Sheng Guan station to Chengdu. The full range of operational mileage of about 852 kilometers, the new length of about 549 km, a total estimated investment of about 56 billion 800 million yuan. read more

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Feel warmer and more confident

General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping delivered an important speech in March 10th to attend the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress in Qinghai delegation, has aroused strong repercussions in the province of the CPPCC National committee.

general secretary to participate in the deliberations of the delegation of Qinghai, the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai is a great thing." "Listening to the general secretary’s speech, very encouraged." See from the province of the Tibetan, Mongolian, Turkish representatives to the general secretary presented a white hada, the mood is very excited." General secretary of the development of our understanding of Qinghai, let our hearts very warm"…… Two days, the members of the Committee on the sidelines of the conference, the spirit of the speech learning in a timely manner through the newspapers, television, Internet, mobile phone and so on, have to thoroughly study and understand and implement the spirit of the speech habits, Xi General Secretary of Qinghai care and expectation into work for entrepreneurship, lively practice. read more

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2015 around the Lake Electric Car Challenge upgrade

Compared with the first electric vehicle challenge lake, Qinghai Lake this year (International) electric car challenge is "upgraded version" event, because the challenge will be the world’s first professional institutions to provide authoritative evaluation by the electric car race.

the most authoritative evaluation of pure electric vehicle performance is the most advanced in the provincial science and technology department with the help of the. In order to make the second session of the Qinghai Lake (International) electric car challenge fair, fair, the provincial science and technology department actively urge the Ministry of science and technology to help coordinate the work of the electric car challenge. Most high-tech companies have been very supportive, immediately determine the coordination, led by China automotive technology and Research Center, Chinese Chinese electric vehicle hundred Automobile Industry Association, Chinese Automobile Engineering Institute with the help of our province to do evaluation scheme demonstration work. At the same time, the provincial science and Technology Department of Qinghai province "arrangement of Qinghai Lake international electric vehicle challenge evaluation plan" project in 2015 the provincial science and technology plan, support scientific research funds 2 million 500 thousand yuan, for the preparation, demonstration and testing evaluation scheme of the project will be at the end of a comprehensive inspection, the formation evaluation standard, guiding the future the electric car race need. read more

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Eastern service system reform has a new reference

In August 1st, the reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau on the basis of thorough investigation, issued "on deepening East District community service system reform pilot work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the full deployment of East District community service system reform pilot work, promoting and deepening the reform and innovation of Community Service District system.

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Jade jewelry two trading volume of twenty million

As the old saying goes: the treasure! 2014 China · Qinghai Kunlun jade International (jewelry) Expo opening, from all parts of the province, or even tens of thousands of people came from outside the province to South bursting with popularity, hot spot trading. According to the organizers incomplete statistics, just two days time, the fair transaction volume has reached $twenty million.

two days, a lot of people in Xining have been lost, buy jade enthusiasm. 24 morning, the reporter saw at the exhibition hall treasure hall, two middle-aged men while listening to the sales personnel, while discussing whether to immediately set the hands is playing price of hundreds of thousands of dollars in hand pieces. A sales staff said, only half a day in the morning, their sales have reached more than ten million yuan, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of scarce and Hetian jade blue and white porcelain material has attracted several people, the purchase intention is very clear. The customers in the hall of the Taobao counter Yu Chen has been in a continuous line, while the counter is tens of dollars to several hundred dollars of low-priced goods, but many people to meet the needs of Taobao, the total sales for the two day of the brand has been ranked in the forefront. read more

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