Note the use of the anchor text in the station optimization

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I once read a blog, this blog content often found in a sentence on the habits and anchor text, and all point to the same page. I don’t know the blogger why to do so, but I think the blogger is not desirable. Thus I think of a question many optimization personnel will exist, that is when the anchor text is to use keywords as anchor text or a word do anchor text? The author thinks that the sentence made anchor text words have two advantages, first can improve the user friendly experience, such as the user can directly find the relevant information, the second is to increase the amount collected site. But use this method to improve a keywords ranking is not what big role. So if you are using the anchor text in order to improve a keyword ranking, I would advise you to control the length of the anchor text.

anchor text used in our.

: control of the anchor text length


three: the control frequency of

believe that many people will find some page keywords will appear many times repeatedly when browsing the web, and put them into the anchor text, the purpose is to highlight the search engine keywords, but this method is not desirable, will not only affect the user experience, and may even lead to the search engine punish. The author give an opinion on this aspect, we can give the first keyword and anchor text, followed by other keywords in the content we can use in bold or underline to highlight your keywords, so as to achieve the optimization of keywords ranking effect.

anchor text and text links the relative efficacy, compared to optimization are of deep feeling. Use the anchor text definition we can distinguish for the use of station anchor text and the use of the station anchor text. The station anchor text we will be relatively familiar, and precautions for the anchor text station set may still poorly understood. Then use the station anchor text is what note? The author today on this issue to share her own points.

position setting anchor text anchor text appears

a site may consist of tens of thousands of pages. Each page there are different titles and URL address. So we do in the optimization of the anchor text, anchor text can do on other pages. But this new problem appeared, on the same page in the anchor text of the frequency control within the scope of what is the best? The author above have roughly about what to do anchor text use. Here I think the anchor text frequency should be no laws, don’t try to control the frequency, whether it is a good anchor text, or a plurality of anchor text, or should embody the natural form.

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