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layout principle


Optimization of core

site navigation is various, is now the mainstream DIV unordered list style, but some sites use love pictures, Flash, Js to the layout of navigation, so not what advantage for Shanghai dragon, for many people, looking back to the pursuit of beauty, in fact DIV can write very beautiful navigation the basic, can replace the Flash with pictures. The search engine for the friendly to DIV is much higher than that of Flash, if each page using DIV, so the spider can crawl smoothly.

The use of

Location: on the left on the

page: comment, copyright and nofollow

Tags: title, bold and italic

There are three main

tags, H tags, B tags (STRONG) and I tags, which represent the title, bold and italic. These three labels can facilitate the users to browse, grasp the key, also facilitate the search engine grab the key, given different weights. In these tags include the weight of a higher priority than the general text, so the title contains keywords and use the H tag is a very good website optimization. At the same time, the same is true for some hot news side or at the bottom of the title, should use the H tag. The content of the text, while others need to use bold and italics.

simple navigation: mainstream by DIV

pages is no good typography, layout is no good weight. I have a website because typesetting causes long tail word no traffic, included is also very much, very fast, but not long tail traffic, then carefully through the study found that the page layout is very important. The body must row on the left side, just below the location near the navigation. Some other sections, such as news, hot news should be placed on the right side. The overall principle is an important content on the left, on the place.

a lot at the bottom of the page, for some comments, many users will leave their sites and links, if there are a large number of similar comments is not good, so to prevent search engines comments. At the same time, the bottom of the version information, contact us, the intention of cooperation are needed in Nofollow blocked, because these links are links to the total, if not masked, will affect the overall weight of the site, for some small sites.

The comment and copyright information will

for many of these websites, the layout of the site can not only affect the user experience, but also can affect the search engine crawl, a good layout of the search engine can help reduce the burden of work, if the site has tens of thousands of pages, then accumulated no doubt can save a lot of time to talk with you today in Shanghai the dragon in the optimized page layout should be like, welcome criticism exchange only statements of a school.

At the bottom of the

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