Three typical comment does not meet the requirements of the website of Shanghai Dragon

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is currently promoting main way is to use site search engine. Before many sites using the search engine for promotion website, but with the increasing competition, the cost of bidding is more and more high. So there are more and more hope to reduce the cost of the promotion of the website by Shanghai dragon.

3.IDC station

Third typical

but Shanghai dragon for the website requirement is very high, from the stability of the server to page quality and so on, will affect the site in the search engine ranking performance. But many websites in three websites is obviously not in conformity with the requirements of the typical Shanghai dragon website, here we take a look at these three sites.


does not meet the requirements is a typical web site of Shanghai dragon IDC station, is to sell virtual host, website server etc.. You can search the virtual host in love Shanghai, free to click into several IDC sites. You will find that each IDC station layout are basically the same, and color pictures is just not the same, this and similar enterprise website. But the IDC site is more typical than the enterprise website, the main navigation layout of almost all IDC owners are as like as two peas is done quite, this is not good for your website.

is more than three do not meet the typical requirements of the website of Shanghai dragon. In fact, there are many websites are not in line with Shanghai.

1. enterprise website

I think the

then we look at second typical sites, that is medical website. Many hospitals now, especially in small and medium-sized hospitals, there are a number of cosmetic plastic surgery hospital started on the Internet to promote their own business, also began to recruit some staff in Shanghai dragon. But if you look carefully will find that basically all the medical website looks like the same 39 Health Network, a medical website is a little like 39. The contents of the layout similar to that of the multi ah, ah, it is typical of.

e-commerce industry vigorous development, various websites emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. At present, along with the traditional industry increasingly high cost, there are more and more enterprises choose to establish corporate website to create more profits for the enterprise. I have to tell you when it comes to website promotion, website promotion because if not, like to lose a sea like a small stone, you want to let people in the vast network of the sea to find you very big difficulty.

medical website

now has many enterprises in Shanghai or Shanghai dragon, dragon team. But now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel level is not very high, so in a corporate website has become the "twins", was the basic colors and images are as like as two peas, just not the same. How can such a web site even if can have ranking, even if the ranking can stable, but can produce the conversion rate? I believe that is unlikely.

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