Marketing website keyword selection to enhance the effect of five kinds of behavior not be like

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in general thinking, we think that the user’s thoughts should be consistent with us, but sometimes it will be far from. So in the website construction, how to select keywords is very important. The author >

network marketing is definitely not a website, raise the ranking of words so simple, flow conversion is the key to the success of website marketing made. As some marketing experts said, no practical significance can not produce benefits flow. A lot of factors flow conversion effect, such as web design there is no consideration of user experience, the website promotion methods and resources etc.. In the search engine application popular now, the author believes that the choice of the site keywords to a great extent the effect of network marketing. How to select the site keywords is indeed a science, but also closely related to the marketing effect, those who use the search engine promotion "on the Jingdong, to buy new egg" may seem counterintuitive even for almost absurd, but the reality is the lure for interests. To determine the site keywords basis and the method of many, and starting from the user, to avoid subjective detours, avoid thinking shortcut is the biggest.

what is the keyword super accurate? For example, Shanghai Xuhui District has a training school to do a website, usually more than half of the people will search the website or website construction. This coverage, you can find a lot of Internet companies, but its accuracy is not enough. But if the search "Shanghai site construction" or "school construction site", the search accuracy will be greatly improved, but the choice of network company is not in the minority. The problem is how to control the accuracy of the search, when the "Shanghai Xujiahui education web site network company" to further improve its accuracy of users, but can choose business limited. We consider the opposite, if the website keywords which network company is building the training site of Xuhui District education, even if it is to the search engine ranking first, also do not have much value, because the probability is the user’s attention is too small.

if the purpose of the construction site only to get a lot of traffic, of course to select keywords flow priority. But the actual situation is, our ultimate goal is to make the site, the more traffic into sales, implementation of website marketing effect. From this point of view, large flow of keywords is sometimes not the most ideal choice. Keywords large flow through to some Adsense tool analysis, roughly divided into two categories, one is the real flow, can reflect the keyword search heat; the other is false flow, some people through out of the brush tool. The real flow must represent the keywords competition degree is relatively large, even if the false traffic keywords ranking do go up, the attention is not much, but there is no practical significance. Therefore, only by the size of the flow to choose keywords is meaningless.

two, ultra precise keywords

, a large flow of keywords

keyword is subjective

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