How to improve the case analysis of novice webmaster website crawling

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The construction of

website does not require emission rules, some new Adsense even in the website home page directly presents articles, make it look like the QQ space, in fact, have studied the log space webmaster all know.


This time

breadcrumb navigation is a navigation category we must use, not to simply reduce the website bounce rate, but to the website is divided into a certain level, the ladder is divided into a site structure clear, is conducive to the spider crawling.

website is the most taboo site single presented to the audience, some sites do too much to consider the feelings of people, such as the excessive addition of FLASH or pictures, although with the user, but these spiders do not buy it, but will make the website speed down, so in the home should be streamlined, such as necessary you can use the nofollow shield home page not necessary for website links, improve the time. Of course, this time also have to consider the structure of the problem, although they provide a dot CSS+DIV for spiders, the maximum for the search shortcut, but the tree structure or not less, we can be the website correlation content integration under one column, with home page – index page page form form and improve the relevance of content, it is conducive to the integration of the spider crawling.

Sitemap file is also very important for the index of the spider. Some owners do not pay attention to the construction of a map, feel the size of the site is very small, not worth it, but you must believe the details to be successful, if your site is small, you can use the.Xml format, and placed in the root directory. In short, the map must be set up.

do pay attention to diversity, a do good is a single optimized layout method with CSS+DIV is very popular now, with this layout can effectively make the spider crawling your site, improve the site included, but want to rely on one way to make the world some rather naive, below me how to use the website to share their own website can improve the crawling of the layout.

essential category

content page hierarchy division and construction

although I said before is not a spider for picture recognition, but for some CSS or acceptable, so we should join the clear navigation bar at the site, on the one hand can improve the user experience, more important is to improve the recognition rate of the spider itself but not over time, the optimization of the S, AJAX, the accumulation of inframe technology, if recognized as cheating, it would be miserable.

web design with concise, well integrated

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