Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to prevent internal site search by others malicious use

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love at the end of October Shanghai Webmaster Platform held in Shanghai under the line QA training session, the students on how to prevent this kind of junk launched search results page in-depth discussion. Ctrip Shanghai dragon director Lai Qiang believes that the undesirable the purpose of doing so is to let a lot of exposure of sensitive keywords in the search results, since the love of Shanghai included in the search results page is strictly limited, the website is done thoroughly, not allowed to appear in the TITLE and the keyword search, such malicious operator can not reach the goal of nature not to harass.

believes that many webmaster encountered such a situation: the site in the search function is undesirable in use, through the search keyword search box in time sensitive station, resulted in a large number of TITLE with sensitive keywords garbage search results page (see below). The Baiduspider for each site to grab the amount is limited, so the search results page is junk love Shanghai included, will lead to other meaningful pages will not be included because of quotas, and may be due to love Shanghai garbage disposal and affect the normal web page ranking.



after the training, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform contacted Lai Qiang, Lai is also very willing to share specific solutions to Ctrip: Ctrip in the face of such garbage search results page, modify the meta call plan, avoid keywords appeared at title/keywords/description, try a variety of search results page meta writing, found the most effect the best way to use short words, not only highlights the page core keyword "search", and did not appear again malicious search results page.

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