Love Shanghai official once again bring stationmaster Fukuri Ko domain without verification

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we can see whether your station number of sub domains, can be added, the premise is to verify the main website in case of batch add sub site, no need to re verify the quick view data sub station. In addition, in May 30th after the new verification or re verification of the website, the authentication information will not expire. Webmaster Platform master (add recommend Adsense links to websites you may use WWW and non www two web site, users can access the real suggest to add to the URL), add and verify, can prove that you are the owner of the domain name, can quick batch add sub site, view all sub station data, no longer to verify your site.

recently wrote an article of "focus" now the chain from Shanghai to love outside the chain of tools of ascension is about love in Shanghai launched outside the chain of tools to upgrade the content, today morning love Shanghai official platform has a new message, have to say, in the webmaster friends don’t like too much Fu myself.

can be said that the Shanghai love innovation, is convenient for our small station, a perfect tool, let our subjective consciousness gradually to love Shanghai webmaster to give us tools, rather than to rely on other webmaster tools, so that we can more accurately determine the lack of their own website it can be said that the love of Shanghai under a lot of effort of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, to optimize the market, to win the hearts of the people, this is since the ancient times have some law.

In this paper, by !

贵族宝贝 of Jilin City Kindergarten carefully written, A5 first, please indicate the source, thank you


tool and one of the highlights of support batch add sub station


I want to launch site verification when these functions in love Shanghai, most owners have tried, is to download the text validation documents are the root directory, very convenient, there are three types of authentication:

the first two methods are not what to say, HTML tag verification is between tag and tag HTML tag added to the web page HTML code. Obviously, the third is new:


CNAME verification: you need to log domain provider or hosting provider’s Web site, add a new DNS record. What are the benefits of this method I haven’t tried, but since it is new, I think it can highlight some.

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