How to build an efficient Shanghai Dragon Team Leader

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first US technology. We all know that Shanghai is also open Dragon Technology secrets. Now open in Shanghai Longfeng technology is popular outside Shanghai Longfeng summary of experience, is the secret of the search engine algorithm formula. Now to the opening of Shanghai Longfeng experience have been copied and pasted. But the search engine algorithm formula, but no one knows, so now I go to see a little advanced point Shanghai dragon article, appear inside a formula I do not know the truck. But this is not important. Now everyone is their experience and feeling. So Shanghai dragon team management from the technology must be open to

create an efficient Shanghai dragon team leader is very important, each leader has their own different style, also has its own way of winning. Now there are many kinds of how to build a team, how to improve the execution of the book. The case also held as if it were raining flowers, is the world’s top 500 enterprises of super. Indeed, we should learn from the experience of others. But we must first make clear, this management mode is right, is suitable for your business or team. Cannot mechanically. So, today was our said things that don’t fit you, but you can do better than their own situation, which can be used or a warning. Create an efficient Shanghai dragon team, including the 2 factors


but not too open. Because you are a team, you must have the ability to control the company. So the idea to encourage you at the same time to set some of the bottom line, for example, you can’t touch the black hat Shanghai dragon. You can’t go to innovation in my group, the provisions in the.

The first


We second is the creativity of the team. Article more than 2 of !

Shanghai dragon is the accumulation of experience, one’s cognition is limited, a team cognition is limited, with a team of knowledge, view of assimilation is very serious. So to absorb external experience, strengthen external communication, you see a > in this group today

Shanghai dragon is after all. If a team of their own industry awareness of technical strength is not strong enough. Normal operation will have problems, not to mention the high.


I said above that I just started is wrong for Shanghai dragon team management cognition, if a team is only a person you know Shanghai dragon, other people only know to reply, send a lot of hard every day, the ultimate effect is certainly less than 2. 1+1 so we in the management of Shanghai Longfeng the team should encourage them to have new ideas, new ideas, innovation, try a little more.

also is productivity, productivity before school politics is written in the human ability of conquering and transforming nature, it is not scientific, human nature can conquer all? I think productivity should be the team’s execution and thought.

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