How to share the key buy meet to Shanghai first love

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second, some articles to create keywords to your choice. Every day. I insist every day in some well-known forum released such as "let the webmaster webmaster meet purchase supermarket, looking for trouble, O resources". For example, Shanghai love Shanghai webmaster Post Bar Post Bar Longfeng and other related articles, let you Post Bar link of higher value. Another point is that you can love named after your site name user registration, and above Shanghai in YAHOO, and set up their own blog. This website for your keyword ranking will be very good, rise faster.

as long as you follow the above points do I said, will certainly have a good effect. And we usually go shopping together high weight forum after reading the article to remember at the top posts, because the top posts + forum signature = good chain. Of course there is what I wrote before a name: the chain Henzhao: free weights in the blog do the station chain analysis suggest that we go to see this article, a good method is to establish the high quality of the chain.

fourth, do some Links, find some of the same industry website, do Links. So you can quickly search engines you website.


third, insist that every update your website, updated regularly (the best is to update the 2-5 times a day). To ensure the value of originality.

first, the site chosen before the name of the site, such as "China station", "love of Shanghai", A5 and so on, I chose the "buy" meet, the application domain name is the full name of the word Chinese pinyin. Is a lot of good domain name registration, depressed, not only with a long domain name instead of.

well, I today to share some experience above, not what technical content is a personal experience, I also learn Shanghai dragon in the dark, hope to communicate with you, share the experience. There is not well written applause. The original article by 贵族宝贝xiangyugou贵族宝贝, please remember to leave a link. Thank you

is my website officially operating time is 1 months, but if you search for "buy" meet the results in the first row is my station in Shanghai, and has been for a long time have been so, I stand in Shanghai Longfeng perspective to think this word is stable. I swear not to spend money to buy keywords love Shanghai. I like to share my experience


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