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any company will stress the importance of providing good after-sales service to its customers, and it will be said with all sincerity that the customer is our God, and we provide the best customer service. At least that’s what it all seems to say.

but sometimes good customer service has a lot to do with the nature of the company’s profits. Provide after-sales service to customers, usually occupying manpower and time. When the salary is not high cost, increase the proportion of the total cost of the customer service staff is not so, but also the pursuit of direct communication with customers to provide customer service channels, such as telephone, online real-time chat etc..

but if human costs are high enough to cover a large portion of the total cost of a product or service, adding manpower may mean losing money.

, the hosting service I’ve made is very obvious. My previous survey showed that the most popular way for Chinese customers to support is QQ, online chat or telephone. This may not be a problem in the country at the moment, but in Singapore and the United States, the situation is entirely different, because the labor cost here is the most expensive.

, for example, if you take phone support and talk to the customer for 5 minutes, the cost will probably exceed the monthly service charge paid by the user. The bigger problem is that many times it’s not 5 minutes to provide support by phone. I have just started doing this, often encounter the phone after one or two hours, often said when it comes to how to pick things like printers to go, most of the contents and virtual host service independent. But once you answer the phone, you can’t easily hang up as a service provider, and you have to help clients solve other issues that are not related to the hosting, but the customer thinks it matters.

that’s why many American, European and American service providers in Singapore are using the service list as the main support channel.

on the other hand, will you be a loyal customer if you provide the best way to communicate directly with your customers, such as phone calls?. For example, virtual host or internet access to ISP services, regardless of your Internet access service business is good, when the price of another service provider low of ten dollars, many users will not hesitate to go home to the cheaper. Mobile service is often like this.

users don’t feel any nostalgia for having a good conversation with the former service provider. It’s a cruel truth.

then take a practical example of the opposite direction. Google products and services are very good, but you have to direct timely technical support? When your Gmail account or Adsense account when there is a problem, there is a problem, you can find anyone with a Google phone can play in? No reply mail contact, or a few days to reply, reply and beside Trinidad, this is a normal phenomenon.

can say that Google’s customer service doesn’t really exist, but why do so many people use Google>?

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