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for most independent blogs, more than 70% of blogs about web pages, designs, and the internet. Lu Songsong said in his blog to transition, his ideas are two aspects: 1, on the basis of the original, to be extended; on the grounds that he actually understand many aspects, also can attract more readers. 2, not to expand, continue to be specific design content now. Maintain specificity. Other users suggest that the line is fine. Lu Songsong basically agrees.

I have a different view of whether the content is specific or not the key to attracting readers. For blogs, I don’t even agree with the idea that content is king. For a person, how much internal capacity allows content to be king, content is king, and the right is a large content offering site. For example, news, film and television, download and professional industry classification, such as: Sina, thunder, and VIP information in china. Such sites rely solely on content for the king to pull traffic. And this flow is not from the search engine, is a direct landing. Personal blog want to rely on content to drive traffic, it is not too tired? You can only rely on keywords to get help from search engines. How much of the content can attract readers to see it over and over again? How much time does it take to keep up with the new content?

in fact, there are still many good blogs on Sina, NetEase and Tencent. Because they do not have internet background, they are unlikely to set up independent blogs. I often go to browse and benefit a lot. There are many aspects of this station, Sina and NetEase in order to get traffic must have the stock class blog to do a very good business. After all, investors is a big group, Internet stocks at the stock blog. I want to be able to take a lot of hits for these two portals. Market every day new, content every day new, others copied the article to no use. Independent blogger, in addition to design, Internet related, there is not much other content. With an exception, there is a blogger who wants to teach, blog, focus and middle school education, and is a great teacher’s blog. Such independent blogs are few and far between.

read the blog for so many years, but in the end, the most attractive to me and Sina and NetEase blog. Independent blog, but I always do not pay much attention to, because similar homogeneous, involved in the industry is too narrow. Independent blog content is nothing more than about ZBLOG, WP, GOOGLE setup advertising, Ali Mama, how to optimize the flow, how to improve, how to beautify the plug-in problem, how much money or not to mention how much energy is wasted time and scold the government network control, scold, scold IE domestic domain registrar etc.. Such content is rarely seen on the Sina NetEase, not necessarily by crab, and my view is: no one concerned about these.


NetEase, many classes, psychology, education commentary blog is very good. Compared to these blog groups, the content of blogs is quite poor.

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