15 years into the webmaster world, life has become so desolate

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, I am a failure of the webmaster, I think the failure of the webmaster is not just me. But successful webmaster also not only a few! · ·

why am I so miserable, so miserable?. I am 15 years old, like the web production, but I have never been programming myself. Want to learn, did not find a good school to learn.. I have to learn by myself.. But by now, 18 years old. I still can’t write programs…. There is no school or work.

now, I have to earn some money by relying on the internet. But I can’t do anything. Let’s put it this way. I had just started to build the first station called Baoxing network second is hip-hop, Sichuan forum, third is the loss of community. But I failed again and again. Spending half a year on my pocket money….

now, I want to give myself a chance and then established www.84mi.cn proper site navigation. This navigation is specially designed for the stationmaster, and the mode is the same as that of the Czech Republic. It is ranked and added according to the antecedents. But it has been more than 10 days since the establishment of the station. Unfortunately, Baidu has not included, GG and YAHOO have included a large number of pages… Hey, do I have to fail again? Aren’t I really going to do it,


I sincerely find a master, teach me how to programming and learning web pages of knowledge… My QQ:690993809 (famous master)

I can’t write soft text, it’s a saliva article, ~


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