How to do new sites the point should be appropriate, features should be obvious

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straight to the point, I made a new station recently. You know the website is the most difficult for you to choose a correct topic cut, that you want to do a website about what this area is the best, you know, it will not in the future do not go down, the best strength of the site in this area is not much, but Chinese website has no blank the field, since we do have a similar website, how to make the characteristics of this is to determine the direction of the website after another important thing.

topic definition

I’m a fishing fan. I was a fishing enthusiast a long time ago, and I was ready to cut into the subject. You tell me, this is very important, I choose the one I love interest! Every webmaster actually have one or two of their own can do stand in the field, such as I love playing basketball that I can do a hobby basketball forum, for example, I can do a medical health websites, can learn the law as a legal website and so on. Many webmaster holding a web site, the first I admire, second I also disagree.

search for rice,

find a good rice is a very difficult thing, I believe that many webmaster have had for a long time can’t think of a good rice right and delay even give up a website to create experience? There are more stationmaster is upside down, the first meters, then according to the meter to do a website, even if it is a they are not familiar with the field of crustily skin of head. Pull away, pull back. I finally managed to register the DiaoYu meter, so I decided a suitable site name: fishing. Back to think of the process and its hardships, and find rice grab Laos, ha ha.

research opponents to establish their own characteristics,

At the beginning of the

website must take on the company website, study their advantages include the disadvantages, the most important point is that exaggerated and scratched counterparts bane. I live in a small city, I found that before the global forum almost can not find my local exchange forum, like fishing this thing actually is special, there is a strong regional, any community sites are the same, the more the more local information can resonate, like "next door Aunt Wang fell ditch" this post is often can cause a sensation. Then I set up all prefecture level cities nationwide local exchange forum, I observed a moment, there is no other site structure such detailed local network, this is my characteristic, provide the fine localization of communication. Then you set up the IP attribution mechanism, and it’s easy to guide them to the local section when you know where the users are coming from. I observed a moment, now many sites have adopted the IP judgment mechanism for the establishment of local sub station, this should be a kind of exchange website optimization initiatives is very good, if you tell me your own website for doing so should be carried out as soon as possible.

this is what I built this new site of a basic process, summed up, we do the station, first in their own ability to cut into, and secondly

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