Professor and scholar lawyers formed by the Xining trade union cadres group

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in June 3rd, by Professor, scholar, lawyer and other professionals composed of the Xining trade union cadres lecturers, marking the Xining trade union cadres training to a new level.

according to the chairman of the Xining Municipal Committee, Municipal Federation of trade unions Wang Haihong introduced, with the development of social economy, industry, department and other fields of economic relations, labor relations have undergone great changes, the trade union organizations as the representative of the interests of the staff and the maintenance, the responsibility is more and more heavy, the rights is becoming more and more arduous. At present, there is a certain gap between the concept of trade union cadres in Xining, the level of business, knowledge structure and the requirements of superiors, the broad masses of workers and the masses. In order to meet the requirements of the new situation, it is very urgent and necessary to train a group of trade union cadres with excellent political ability and professional ability. This training, to the non-public enterprise trade union cadres and grassroots trade union cadres training, through training will improve their theoretical and policy level and professional knowledge, help them improve the ability of organization, propaganda, education and service workers, as well as the ability to coordinate labor relations, rights and coping, scientific disposal of mass incidents.


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