Zhang Ximing stressed that research in Yushu and promote the education of poverty alleviation tough

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recently, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister, provincial education work group leader Zhang Ximing to Yushu research, stressed the need to seriously study and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi series of important speech, according to the actual situation, focus, focus and difficult, with the idea of reform layers implement them out of poverty through the development of education, to win the battle of poverty to provide a strong guarantee.

last June and in December, Zhang Ximing in Yushu research found that there are only two ordinary high school, and are concentrated in the town, far from meeting the needs of the state junior high school or high school. To this end, he asked the Provincial Department of education in-depth research on the adjustment of the layout of education in Yushu. This time to Yushu, Zhang Ximing and state responsible comrades, some of the Secretary of education, principals and teachers on behalf of the forum, listen to the Provincial Department of education, Yushu education report. When the understanding of Chengduo County high school has been restored, the new state of Yushu, "13th Five-Year" even during high school, he pointed out, "Pujiu" has achieved solid results, next to break the bottleneck of high school education restricts the development of education in Yushu.

Zhang Ximing to convey and learn together with the general secretary of the important speech Yinchuan conference. Stressed that the first anti-poverty and ignorance, poverty alleviation to Fu Chi, must be in accordance with the provincial government’s deployment, combined with the actual development of education, to provide intellectual support for poverty alleviation. Provincial and county education departments at all levels should go to the grassroots level to understand the situation, so that the ground gas, the situation is clear, decision-making, and earnestly solve the problems.

in Yushu second national middle school, he learned about the school teacher to do the activities of the two schools to carry out a case, and to the student canteen in detail to ask students to learn and live.


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