Xining financial revenue and expenditure to achieve a good start

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Spring Festival approaching, the city’s fiscal balance also ushered in the opener of the good news, as of now, the city’s general budget revenue 408 million 600 thousand yuan, an increase of 100 million 540 thousand yuan, an increase of 32.6%; the city’s general budget expenditure 559 million 120 thousand yuan, an increase of 83 million 660 thousand yuan, up 17.6%.

in 2011, the city’s finance and taxation departments at all levels to strengthen tax collection and management, actively organize revenue, reasonable arrangements for expenditure, fiscal revenue has maintained a high growth momentum, the month income for the whole year revenue organization good start, a good start, a good start. In the city’s financial expenditure, I focus on the arrangements for urban and rural workers living expenses, the difficulties of the masses living subsidy funds, to ensure the full and timely payment of subsidies, reflects the party and the government to care the difficulties of the masses.

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in the opener, 2011 will be the city’s financial development idea of "finance people’s livelihood and building a business", in the social and economic development at the same time, facing the new requirements to improve the people’s livelihood, the municipal financial arrangements to focus on agriculture, education, tourism, culture, sports, health, social security and other livelihood areas, key for the "vegetable basket" project and the agricultural infrastructure construction, focusing on supporting the development of preschool education, focus on supporting the development of rural tourism, the development of cultural industries, the minimum living guarantee system and the construction of community service center construction project etc..


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