Sanjiang source National Park passion depicts the United States and Qinghai ecological picture

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"ecology" and "environmental protection" and "green"; "Qinghai blue", "plateau green" and "clear river", has been the key to the pursuit of plateau. The awareness of ecological protection air plant ecological civilization system is more and more perfect, and the concept of environmental protection is increasing…… Today, the source of Sanjiang National Park Authority was established, China’s first national park.

from the Animaqingxueshan Xinghai prairie, until the source of the Yellow River tau monument, to the Yangtze River Long Bao, Lancang River Nangqian, make the river natural forest, a boundless green extends to countless rivers to the front of the torrent, countless people witnessed the Yellow River the source of the reproduction of "1000 Lake County" beauty, "black necked hometown" significantly increased the protection of forest birds, banma effective…… The source of Sanjiang presents the green to people about the miracle.

good ecological environment is the most equitable public goods, is the most inclusive ecological well-being, adhere to the linkage is the basic path of Qinghai ecological province. We should take "four change" for reference, according to wangguosheng Secretary stressed adhere to the ecological, production and life promote linkage requirements, handle the relationship between ecological protection and green development, give priority to protection, make the ecological strategy become the base of the development of Qinghai, the development of the green ecological. Today, Qinghai’s "green accounts" reproduction development and win-win, the "green card" to highlight the ecological priority, the "green road" has become Qinghai the road of ecological civilization, green development, harmony and stability of national unity, become the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai to the broad road of socialist ecological civilization in the new era.

– Li Xiaonan, director of Sanjiang National Park Administration,

big system reform blowing breeze

strict sense of the National Park System in our country is a new thing, the province is the first pilot provinces, how to plan? How to build? CPC Central Committee and the State Council requires us to create a way of protection and management experience can be copied to the promotion of national accumulation, we must work to ensure that the work of targeted, interlocking, tenderness and efforts of the source of Sanjiang National Park Mountain water show, green and harmonious happy home, become a beautiful beautiful Chinese the name card.

implementation of the reform of the National Park System in Sanjiang source, the source of Sanjiang rise of the deepening reform of the boom, "the Hanlin Academy" with the idea of green development breeze blowing.

in the field of ecological civilization construction into the "big department system reform is a new attempt, beyond the original" big department system reform and various aspects of functions, from the perspective of management to improve efficiency, eliminate cross departmental interests jiuche, coordinated reform better category. Sanjiang national park system to promote the pilot will undoubtedly set a benchmark in this regard.

in accordance with the "adhere to optimize the integration, unified standards, does not make the adjustment of administrative divisions, no new administrative system, set up the management entity exercising subject management responsibility" principle, the source of Sanjiang National Park from the province of state and county related;

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