Jade jewelry two trading volume of twenty million

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As the old saying goes: the treasure! 2014 China · Qinghai Kunlun jade International (jewelry) Expo opening, from all parts of the province, or even tens of thousands of people came from outside the province to South bursting with popularity, hot spot trading. According to the organizers incomplete statistics, just two days time, the fair transaction volume has reached $twenty million.

two days, a lot of people in Xining have been lost, buy jade enthusiasm. 24 morning, the reporter saw at the exhibition hall treasure hall, two middle-aged men while listening to the sales personnel, while discussing whether to immediately set the hands is playing price of hundreds of thousands of dollars in hand pieces. A sales staff said, only half a day in the morning, their sales have reached more than ten million yuan, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of scarce and Hetian jade blue and white porcelain material has attracted several people, the purchase intention is very clear. The customers in the hall of the Taobao counter Yu Chen has been in a continuous line, while the counter is tens of dollars to several hundred dollars of low-priced goods, but many people to meet the needs of Taobao, the total sales for the two day of the brand has been ranked in the forefront.

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